Lista hoteli w Zelenogradsk

"Apriory" hotel

Three Star Hotel “Apriory” in Zelenogradsk provides a comfortable stay by the sea. The hotel offers a sauna equipped with a terrace and access to the sea.

"Koshkin Dom" Hotel

A cozy little hotel "Cat House" (Koshkin Dom) is located near the Baltic Sea coast in Zelenogradsk. You will meet friendly staff and you will feel yourself in private in this hotel with so romantic name.

Apart-Hotel na Volodarskogo

The hotel's interior is designed in soft colors, the rooms have glazed balconies with sea and city views. Pets Allowed.

Baltiyskaya Korona

Reconstructed in 2008, the hotel "Baltic Crown" (Baltiyskaya korona) invites you to relax in Zelenogradsk. Here you can experience high-quality service and comfortable rooms.

Cranz Hotel

The Baltic Sea is a rest in a small hotel "Cranz Hotel" in a narrow street of the old town Zelenogradsk. There you can find every conveniences for perfect holiday.

Elisa Inn Hotel

Hotel Eliza Inn combines comfort and high technology. The main difference of the hotel is rooms for disabled people.

Guest House Tanzania

The new guest house opened its doors in 2016. 10 extremely comfortable rooms are waiting for their guests. Unusual interior of the hotel creates a romantic atmosphere.

Guest home "20-th Meridian"

Comfortable, with a pleasant interior rooms, good service, relaxing vacation on the Baltic coast are offered in the hotel "20th Meridian"

Guesthouse "Indian House"

This mini-hotel realizes childhood dreams to visit Wild West in an Indian tepee.

Guesthouse "loger house"

The spacious rooms at the guest house will give you a luxury vacation. The interior of the hotel with pastel shades creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Hotel "Villa Lana"

Zelenogradsk hotels give luxury resort vacation. The most modern and comfortable hotel "Villa Lana" gives the highest quality service and privat comfort.

Hotel & SPA "Zelenogradsk"

We invite you to a new, elegant hotel "Zelenogradsk", which is located in 30 meters from the Baltic Sea coast. You will be offered modern wellness and rejuvenating treatments at the spa center.

Kurhaus Cranz Hotel

Hotel and restaurant complex "Krantz Kurhaus" offers a good vacation as to families with children and as to spend time outdoors for friends.

Mini-hotel "Amber season"

The hotel on the see coast.

The hotel "Queen Louise"

The best hotels in Zelenogradsk can give a truly royal holiday. Feel yourself in the mansion of former times, because this is the oldest hotel in Zelenogradsk. Luxury and comfort!

Zolotye Peski Guest House

Guest House Zolotye Peski (Golden Sands) invites you to relax on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The best vacation place for families with children.