Sights and museums list in Zelenogradsk

A cenotaph
A cenotaph
Cats collection exhibition Murarium
Address: Zelenogradsk, 2 A, Saratovskaya str.

Private collection of cats. So huge amount of different sculptures to this beautiful and proud animals.

Hotel-entertainment center PARADOX
Address: Zelenogradsk, 2 A, Saratovskaya str.

The center has two museums, a quest room, recreational facilities, a belt labyrinth, a bowling.

Local history museum of Zelenogradsk
Address: Zelenogradsk, 6 Lenina str.

This museum is interesting for children and adult people. Visitorst can get to know about archeological finds, knights and kings history, histry about the war.

Monument to the cats of Zelenogradsk
Address: Zelenogradsk, Kurortniy prospekt and Pogranichnaya str. crossing

The monument was created in 2014. There are a lot of cats in Zelenogradsk.

Range-finder tower
Range-finder tower
A soviet range-finder tower of railway artillery battalion "Zelenogradskaya". You can see a wonderful look-out over the sea on the top of tower. Local people say it is a Dragon head.
The Lutheran church of Sant Adalbert
Address: Zelenogradsk, 40 A, Moskovskaya str.
The actual cathedral “Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy”. The building was Lutheran Church of Sant Adalbert before the World War two.
The monument to the Baltic seal
The monument to the Baltic seal

In 2012 a seal pup lived on the beach of Zelenogradsk. The monument was created in honour of this seal pup.

The “Tortilin prud” pond
Address: Zelenogradsk, Moskovskaya str.
There is a “Tortilin prud” pond in a magic park in Zelenogradsk.
Urban cultural and recreational center
Address: Zelenogradsk, 11 Kurortniy prospekt
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