Sights and museums list in Svetlogorsk

Nymph Sculpture
"Nymph" Sculpture is one of the most recognizable cards of Svetlogorsk. The sculpture was created by the German sculptor Herman Brachert in 1938.
Sunny private view art gallery
Address: Svetlogorsk, 4 A, Gorkogo str.
The modern art gallery. You will meet paintings, author works as dolls, jewelry, painting on wood, ceramics and so on.
A fanciful writer house
Address: Svetlogorsk, 2, Gofmana pereulok
The park of Gofman novellas heroes tiny sculptures
Aerial ropeway
Address: Svetlogorsk, 3, Moskovskaya str.

There are 20 cabins. You can rise from promenade by the aerial ropeway during tourist season.

Downhill road to promenade Serpentine (spiral road)
Pedestrian downhill to the sea is the old road. 
Monument to soldiers who fell in battles during Raushen town capture
Monument to soldiers who fell in battles during Raushen town capture
The memorial house of German Brahert
Address: 7, Tokareva str. Otradnoe poselek
The tourist map BalticRest shows the museum of German sculptor German Brahert. There are different objects of art of this man who lived early in the 20th century.
The theater Amber Hall
Address: Svetlogorsk, 11 Lenina str.
It is a multifunctional complex and a place for popular Russian festival of Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted (KiVin humor show).
Tourist Information in Svetlogorsk
Address: Svetlogorsk, 7A, Marksa Str.
Information in the field of tourism, culture, sports and youth.
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